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50-lb Spin Tech Tailgate/ATV Road Feeder

50-lb Spin Tech Tailgate/ATV Road Feeder

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  • 50-lb Spin Tech Tailgate/ATV Road Feeder
50-lb tailgate.ATV road feeder with the Spin Tech spinner plate.

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Spin Tech 50-lb Tailgate/ATV road Feeder

This 50-lb road feeder is lightweight & durable, this is the road feeder that will last for many hunting seasons.  There are other road deer feeders on the market that are more economical, heck Big Country Outdoors even sells them, but they tend to last a season or two at best.  However this road feeder is the cats a$$, no other feeder is as durable is this on the market.  Covered in a bed liner material, this 50-lb feeder can hang right over your tailgate or mount onto your ATV & comes standard with a 25' electrical cord to your toggle switch.  This unit only mounts to the tailgate or on an ATV, it does not come with a receiver mount.  Now the last highlighted feature is the spinner plate.  After you get done feeding the spinner plate will suck back up to the bottom of the feeder preventing any feed to be lost while driving around.  This feature will save you hundreds in lost feed! Here are a few features:

  • HD metal hopper with rubberized bedliner
  • Mounts on tailgate or to your ATV rack
  • 12v hd motor
  • 180 degree spray radius
  • Adjustable feed flow
  • Side shield control spray pattern from 10' to 20'
  • The Spin Tech on demand open/close motor
  • 4 year warranty on mechanics


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