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Big Country Hunting Knife

Big Country Hunting Knife

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  • Big Country Hunting Knife
  • Big Country Hunting Knife
Big Country Hunting Knife

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Just in case you missed this under the knife section, here it is again.  Believe me this really is a hidden diamond.

This might be the best product ever offered to the outdoorsman. In this case a picture is NOT worth 1,000 words. Think about field dressing a couple of deer & never having to sharpen a knife again, just simply replace the blade. And to top it off I forgot to mention the replacement blade is a SURGICAL SCALPEL!!. Here are the specifications.

2 -3/4" long inch stainless blade.
12 replacement blades.
Ultra-duty military locking handle. 4-1/4" long handle.

As a testimonial I've personally used this knife for 3 years now. I can field dress 2-3 deer & still have a razor sharp blade & I should, it's a scalpel! It's easy to replace the blades as well. Simply grab a pair of pliers, pop the old blade out, slide the new blade in. Then dispose of the new blade in a proper dispenser so nobody can get hurt later on. It really is the ultimate knife, no question about it! Call today to get yours on order. Not only that, it's a dang superior pocket knife & has a belt clip for easy access. Why didn't someone think of this a long time ago? But be careful it is a scalpel, you need to be mindful when using this baby.

 Michael Fulweber, Big Country Outdoors

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